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Turkish Citizenship


Turkish Citizenship application is a complex process that consists of many procedures and can take months. According to the type of application the applicants will choose in the future, they have preparatory procedures and need to bring the application documents together. On the other hand, applicants are required to take legal action in more than one governmental institution.

To facilitate this process and to ensure the legal security of our clients, we provide private consultancy and attorneyship in government institutions before the application. This legal support, which we provide especially for Turkish citizenship applications made by real estate investment, covers more than one work and transaction, examples of which are listed below:


- Making the necessary provision before the application; providing legal support for bringing the documents together,

- Making the necessary procedures for the transfer of ownership of the immovable property to be used in the Turkish citizenship application as an attorney (You can take a look the Real Estate Law section to see our work in this field.),

- Applying to the land registry office and obtaining the certificate of conformity for the "annotatation", which is mandatory to be able to apply for citizenship,

- Preparing the applicant's file and making an application as an atorney to obtain a special residence permit for investors,

- When the Turkish citizenship application is finalized, as an attorney making a request on behalf of the applicant to issue the Identity Card and Turkish Passport and completing the legal procedure.


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