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Real Estate

Law in Turkey

The process of purchasing real estate by foreigners in Turkey is different than the Turkish citizens. Foreigners are required to follow a different procedure before and during the sale process.

For instance, foreign buyers are required to obtain a "real estate valuation report" before applying to the land registry office. On the other hand, there are documents that must be brought together for the transfer of title deed.

In addition to these, there are some legal restrictions regarding buying property by foreigners in Turkey.

To ensure the legal security of our foreign clients' investments in Turkey and to transfer ownership of their immovable properties without any problems, we provide them legal support, which are given below:


- Examining the title deed records of the real estate to be purchased to ensure investment security,

- Ensuring that the required valuation (expert) report is received before the sale transaction to be made at the Land Registry Office and examining the properties of the real estate,

- Arranging, examining and signing the contracts with the seller before the title deed transfer,

- Going to the title deed transfer process in the title deed office as a proxy and signing the sales contract,

- Making a declaration regarding the transfer of ownership by going to the relevant public offices after the title deed transfer.

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