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As Gultekin Partners Law and Consultancy Turkish Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey, we carry out attorneyship and consultancy activities within the scope of our expertise for foreigners. Especially we provide great services in the areas of Turkish citizenship and real estate law.

We understand the concerns that foreigners may experience in a country where they do not know the law and its legal functioning. We know the problems they may meet and we provide legal consultancy on all necessary issues to prevent them. We provide the legal support that foreigners need holistically, especially when investing for citizenship acquisition and purchasing real estate in Turkey.

While doing these, we pay attention to be effective, fast and reliable. We are aware that the relationship between a lawyer and his client is based on trust and loyalty.

Accordingly, we have developed a transparent and explanatory working model in which all processes are shared with our clients. We determine the roadmap of the works we will provide legal support and consultancy together with our clients. We analyze the conditions provided by them and create the most suitable legal solutions for their situations and requests.

To ensure the investment and property security of our clients, we closely follow the developments in the areas of real estate and economy, as well as developments in the area of law.

As a requirement of globalization and the information age, we provide legal support in Turkish, English, Persian and Arabic languages with our lawyers who are experts in their practice areas. We work in our office on the European side of Istanbul between 09.00 and 19.00 on weekdays.

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