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Immigration Law

Turkish Residence

Permit Application


Foreigners in Turkey should have a valid Turkish residence permit after completing a certain visa period or legal right to stay in our country. In residence permit applications, different procedures and documents are required depending on the type of application. Especially, there are more than one steps that foreign investors and real estate owners must follow when applying.

The documents and information to be brought together during these processes must be complete and correct. Otherwise, the applications may be evaluated negatively and the loss of time may cause foreigners to violate the legal stay.

On the other hand, Turkish residence permit applications to be made through a attorney in Turkey can only be made by lawyers. This rule was introduced to ensure the legal security of foreigners and to prevent them from being victimized by third parties.

In this context, we compare the requests and needs of our clients with the conditions they provide and choose the most appropriate type of residence permit for them according to the result, and carry out the legal process to be followed on their behalf as a lawyer.

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