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Law in Turkey


Many foreigners who want to live or invest in Turkey feel the need to connect their business with third parties and institutions with the written contracts. The basis of this is the desire to prevent economic losses and to provide legal security.

In Turkish contract Law, each contract has its own characteristics and legal validity conditions. This situation directly affects the validity of the contracts and the legal rules to be applied in case of conflict.

As AG Partners Law Office, we prepare all legal texts and contracts required to secure our foreign clients' investments and especially their rights in the real estate purchase process, or we carefully examine the texts and contracts prepared by third parties.

On the other hand, we provide legal support to our clients, who are tenants and real estate owners, in the preparation of contracts related to rental law and in the resolution of disputes.

The main legal supports we provide within the scope of this field of work are:

- Preparation/interpretation of "the pre-sales contract" with the immovable property owners,

- Preparation/interpretation of the "prepaid real estate sales contract" with real estate projects,

- Preparation of the "preliminary contract for real estate sale" made at the notary or examination of the contract prepared by third parties,
- Examination and interpretation of the official sales contract made at the land registry office,

- Preparation/interpretation of contracts and protocols that our foreign clients want to conclude with third parties for the purchase of goods and services in Turkey.

- Preparation/interpretation of contracts, commitment letter (recognisance), legal texts, etc.  used in immovable property rental processes.

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